studio Nikulinsky

studio Nikulinsky is a gift & stationery brand based in Perth, Western Australia.

Business owner, Angela Nikulinsky, is the designer behind this range greeting cards, notebooks, bookmarks and more, featuring the superb botanical watercolour artwork of Philippa Nikulinsky.

Angela has also collaborated on greeting cards with artists Eveline Kotai and Jax Isaacson.

All studio Nikulinsky products are proudly made in Australia.


A beautiful boxed set of 6 botanical art greeting cards. Keep in your draw for any card-giving occasions or gift to an Australian flora or fauna loving friend.

Happy birthday to eco-friendly florist Vår Botanical!
February 11, 2020

Happy birthday to eco-friendly florist Vår Botanical!

It is eco-friendly florist Vår Botanical’s first birthday. Kind and sustainable floristry is Ellen Cuskelly’s specialty. Read more about her gorgeous Queensland floristry business.

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Once: A selection of short short stories by Night Parrot Press
January 19, 2020

Short short stories: Night Parrot Press debut publication

Launched last night, Once: A selection of short short stories, is the first publication for Laura Keenan and Linda Martin's Night Parrot Press.

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Australia on Fire: How to help
January 03, 2020

Australia on Fire: How to help

The horror unfolding as Australia burns is too shocking to ignore. Human and animal life lost, houses and habitat. I will cut straight to my point - please find a way to support the disaster relief effort (even sharing this information helps). You can join in on another businesses fundraiser, or donate direct to the Red Cross.

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