Changes! 100% Recycled Paper Greeting Cards + Pedal Power

Changes! 100% Recycled Paper Greeting Cards + Pedal Power

Today marks a turning point for me & my business.

100% recycled paper greeting card lorikeet philippa nikulinsky artist

I’m VERY excited to share that the first order of greeting cards printed on 100% post consumer recycled card stock have arrived. The new paper is not only environmentally responsible but the product is better too - the printing (vegetable-based inks) is slightly more subtle than the previous paper, and it has a slightly textured finish. I considered all these aspects (& more, hi I’m an over-thinker!) when making this massive change for my business.

In the months to come, the cards you order will be a mix of the new 100% recycled cards along with the previous paper, which has an FSC Mix rating (FSC-certified forests).

Both are, of course, high quality cards, with the true-to life colours of Philippa’s amazing artwork, printed locally in Perth.

Also, all post office deliveries are now being made on my bike. With less cars on the road, cycling felt safer than pre-COVID times (I haven't been on a bike since I was about 15, but I didn't feel comfy on a 2-wheeler). So I found a shop in Perth that sold trikes & were willing to install a child seat. I bought the last one they had available and it arrived last week. ⁣

So, parcels are now delivered to the post office with pedal power. This is a small change i'm making as part of a bigger push (haha cycling joke!) to make studio Nikulinsky much, much more sustainable. 

Postal delivery on tricycle

Sustainable stationery is the way of the future! I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am! 💚

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