Australia on Fire: How to help

Australia on Fire: How to help

Beci Orpin

Artwork by Beci Orpin

The horror unfolding as Australia burns is too shocking to ignore. Human and animal life lost, houses and habitat. 

I will cut straight to my point - please find a way to support the disaster relief effort (even sharing this information is helpful!). Here are a few ideas (I will update as I find them):

  • Jocelyn of Myrtle & Me will donate the profits from a range of brooches (I bought this one) straight to WIRES, who are directly involved in the rescue of wildlife who are in fire affected areas. She aims to sell all brooches and raise a grand total of $836. Buy a brooch here.
  • Mother Lover is currently donating 100% of profits to the Red Cross and Bendigo Bushfire Disaster Appeals. Buy from Mother Lover here.

I am donating a studio Nikulinsky gift pack for the Love Australian Handmade Bushfire Appeal Shop. This is a fundraising sale to raise money to donate to the Red Cross. Funds raised (minus payment fees) will be donated to Red Cross Australia. The shop will be open for a week running from Sunday January 19th 830pm AEDST - Sunday January 26th 830pm AEDST (this is an authorised fundraiser, by the way).

Here are the links to donate direct:

    Beci Orpin Artwork

    Artwork by Beci Orpin

    Also, perhaps in the next election consider voting for the politicians in your area  who commit to meaningful action and change regarding climate change, coal, fracking, offshore drilling, native flora and fauna conservation, national park preservation, funding fire authorities and other essential causes. 

    If you have more ideas on how to raise funds to support the relief efforts - or know of other businesses donating profits, please leave a comment and I will update this post.

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