Australian Made Week

Australian Made Week

Assorted thoughts on Australian Made Week 🐨
I work with a small number of Perth & Melbourne-based manufacturers to create studio Nikulinsky products.

Australian manufacturing of products that reproduce Philippa’s artwork makes so much sense to me.

I’m not anti-offshore manufacturing at all! So many of the wonderful things I own and gift are made overseas.

Sometimes when I’m researching a new product idea I’m made aware of the limitations of Australian manufacturing.

For instance, I’m not aware of any Australian based manufacturers of high quality puzzles.

I like to have as much as possible made locally here in Perth so I can visit the businesses and make productive and happy relationships with their teams. 💚

I have stock delivered personally to my home studio which is AWESOME for many reasons (hello juggling kids and business), but there’s also this instant appreciation and complimentary conversation that takes place when the product you’ve designed, but they have brought to life, is in your happy hands. You can say thanks directly and share your enthusiasm and gratitude.

Happy Australian made week & big thanks to all the amazing people I work with

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