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Christmas Gifting Help

I must admit I am a little bit of a grinch. I find Christmas just a touch stressful, and get slightly cynical about it all. 

However, now that I have my own little family I am compelled to create traditions that align with my values. To me, one of the most important things about Christmas (other than food) is meaningful gift giving - quality over quantity - and where possible, shopping local, small, eco-friendly and Australian-made.

This year I have connected with a couple of women who publish gift guides that have different themes. Here is a bit about these women, their guides and how to read them when they're live. 

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Petria Leggo-Field of Coco Rose Interiors is an all-round lovely woman on a mission to share eco-friendly gifts! You can sign up to access The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide as soon as it is ready (3rd November) by following this link.

Mindful Little Minds Christmas Gift Guide

Sarah of Mindful Little Minds is a child psychologist. Her guide includes 50 amazing products for babies, kids, teens and ladies 'that will help you give, celebrate and live more mindfully this year.' Sounds good to me. This guide launches November 4th.

TopKnot Girl Gift Guide

TopKnot Girl Holly makes headbands, scrunchies, t-shirts and even custom-made bonnets! TopKnot Girl's Christmas Gift Guide will feature a heap of fun brands and launches November 10th.


Last but hopefully not least, I'm putting the finishing touches on my very own Australiana themed guide. I'll write more about that when it is ready.

Enjoy browsing these guides -I hope you find some really beautiful presents for your friends and family. And if you have any other guides to recommend, please leave me a comment below!

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