The Flora Project by Jax Isaacson

The Flora Project by Jax Isaacson

Instagram has a bit of a bad reputation but I’ve found it to be the best place to find lovely like-minded businesswomen. I had been following Jax and Co. for a while, lusting over the beautiful resin and wood jewellery and homewares she makes by hand.

Jax Isaacson working Jax and Co

Jax and Co. Wattle Earrings

Then I discovered her stunning photography.

Fuchsia Gum⁠ Eucalyptus forrestiana⁠ by The Flora Project

The Flora Project is a daily mindfulness practice. Jax wanders around her property in the Riverland region of South Australia to collect native flora. Back in her studio, she arranges the collections into pretty patterns to photograph.

I approached Jax with the idea of creating a small range of greeting cards. Fast forward many, many weeks (the combination of parenting two small people, sleeplessness and less-than-optimum mental health means my work occurs at a glacial pace!) and now I have produced greeting cards with eight of Jax's beautiful photographs. 

Jax and I have a lot in common. We both love native flora (a lot) and we both also take business sustainability practices seriously. The cards are made from 100% recycled paper printed locally in Western Australia. The envelopes are 100% recycled and the packaging is plastic-free!

There are eight designs, split into two card packs: Festive pack and Mandala pack. As not-super-Christmassy people, Jax and I thought the Festive pack might make for an alternative style of Christmas card – what do you think?

You can follow Jax on Instagram here

And for beautiful wood and resin products check out her website here

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Jax is an untapped reservoir of talent with a close connection with her environment. Watch her space….amazing talent


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