Kangaroo Grass

Kangaroo Grass


Kangaroo Grass, Themeda triandra, has fast become a favourite grass in my garden. I got my tube stock from APACE, which is a local nursery based in South Fremantle.

At under $4 per tube for an excellent quality plant, shopping at a local nursery like APACE is a very cost effective way to fill your garden with plants without breaking the bank. I have used around 75% tube stock when planting my verge and garden and have no regrets - they grow very fast and catch up quick to older plants!

Usually I find I buy plants I know from Philippa's paintings, I get really excited by her enthusiasm for a plant and the obsessive way she works away at her paintings. But with kangaroo grass, it was actually the other way round. I put a few plants in my garden, and as it grew, so too did my appreciation. 

Later, on visiting Philippa's studio I noticed a painting that had hung in the same spot for a long while - it was Philippa's depiction of Kangaroo grass.


There is a particular elegance and calmness about this plant - the gentle way it sways in the wind - and in Philippa's painting, that I really appreciate.

I hope you share my appreciation for this beautiful grass and painting, too.


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