Numbat Fundraiser T-Shirts

Numbat Fundraiser T-Shirts

Numbats (Myrmecobius fasciatus) are the Western Australian state animal emblem but they are sadly endangered, with less than 1,000 still in the wild.

Maybe there’s even less left in the wild, since many believe the prescribed burn (fire-bombing) at Perup, (east of Manjimup in the South West of WA), in March this year sadly incinerated the habitat of the small population that lived there.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, who carried out the burn made a statement to say all known numbat dens identified prior to the burn were protected – but also that there were some areas subjected to a "higher burn intensity than was planned".

Whether you believe the Department, or agree with prescribed burns or not – it is clear Numbats need a lot of help to be protected from going extinct.

One of the ways we can help Numbat conservation is support organisations like the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.  AWC protects Numbat populations within feral predator-free private areas at Yookamurra (SA), Mt Gibson (WA), Scotia (NSW) and Mallee Cliffs (NSW).

I'll be donating $5 from each Numbat t-shirt purchased to Australian Wildlife Conservancy. The pre order is open now until Tuesday 29 June. I’ll be donating the $5 per shirt on Wednesday 30 June. 

The shirts are printed in Australia and available in fairtrade/organic, organic and regular cotton with adults and kids sizes available to pre-order. I’m very aware of how big a problem textile waste is for our environment, so I want to ensure I only order the correct amount through a pre-order.  

Numbat watercolour painting by Philippa Nikulinsky.

$5 donation to AWC for every t-shirt purchased.

🌱Every order plants a tree.

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