Pincushion Hakea (Hakea Laurina) Tea Towel

Pincushion Hakea (Hakea Laurina) Tea Towel

It has been a while since we have released new tea towel designs so I am excited to announce two new tea towels have joined the range!

One of these designs was inspired by the magnificent winter flowering tree, Hakea laurina, commonly known as Pincushion Hakea, that is flowering in my garden & neighbourhood. 

Hakea - After Christian Ludwig, Baron von Hake (1745 – 1818), German patron of botany.

laurina - (Latin) from laurus = bay or laurel tree; plus inus - like

This species is local to the southwest coast of Western Australia, from Wagin south to Denmark and east to Israelite Bay but it is commonly found in gardens all around Perth and beyond. According to Gardening with Angus, Hakea laurina is grown as a street tree and hedge in Italy and the US! 

If you were thinking of planting one, good new is, Hakea laurina is hardy and drought-tolerant. Plus the flowers... oh the flowers...

Pincushion Hakea

Philippa painted this species for her book Cape Arid. And it has been splendidly reproduced onto 100% linen by our Melbourne-based manufacturer.

There is also another wildflower tea towel design available, Albany Region. Although late winter through to spring and summer is known as "wildflower season" we in the West know there are wildflowers to be found all year round!

Let me know if you love this new tea towel design in the comments below.

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