Fifteen minutes at The Quill Collective

Fifteen minutes at The Quill Collective

I left packing to the last minute. As I whipped around the house and threw clothes into a bag, my husband dismantled the high chair and we collected some convenience foods – pouches of mash for the baby, chocolate bribes for the toddler, biscuits for late night snacking – then jumped into the car.

Fast forward about three hours and I’ve calmed down (slightly). The kids have slept (win!). We are almost at our destination. Before we made it to Margaret River, I had to make a slight detour.

The Quill Collective

Have you ever made a friend on Instagram? I met my husband on a music forum, and other friends through the local Buy Nothing Facebook group. I ‘met’ Jo through Instagram and we bonded over the busy, sleepless, small-business-owning mum life.

Along with her husband, Jo runs The Quill Collective. Just over 200km from Perth, The Quill Collective is many things: a café, gift shop, play space, garden, exhibition and workshop venue.

 The Quill Collective Shop

I visited just as the staff were closing for the day, but they smiled and welcomed my family and I in anyway. First, I marvelled at the gorgeous shop with plenty of locally made products (and yes, they do sell quills), then I walked through to the delightful and cosy children’s play area – it is opposite ‘The Glasshouse’ – where tables and chairs abound (ok kids, you play here and I’ll be right here). A few more steps and I was in the outdoor area: raised garden beds with a mix of flowering plants and herbs surrounded each table. There is also an outdoor tepee and another garden beyond a gate (child supervision required!).

Image of indoor play area at cafe The Quill Collective

The Quill Collective is a place where you can see the love and work that has made it happen. When I finally met Jo, babe in arms, she spoke about taking things slow and growing the business at a sustainable pace – expanding the café menu and hosting events in response to her visitors’ needs.

Image of girl wearing pink tshirt with back to camera looking at cafe garden

It was nearly closing time and I didn’t want to be that guy. With family bundled back into the car we drove away, but I was left in awe of the place we just visited – deeply impressed by the vision to create such a peaceful space for anyone to enjoy.

The Quill Collective

363 Rendezvous Road

Vasse, WA

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