Shop Small - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Shop Small - Gifts for Plant Lovers

Holiday gift guide for plant lovers

One of my champion causes is supporting and promoting small businesses. No doubt COVID-19 has made life challenging in many many ways - so it seems an obvious choice to give small businesses (businesses owned by your friends and family, no less, who pay tax in Australia, and whose profits in-turn support other small-business-owning friends and family!) your Christmas gift money this year.

Enter Luxe Foliage and The Plant Honey who had a tremendous idea of putting together a holiday gift guide for plant lovers. I felt really lucky to be asked to be involved!

Holiday Gift Guide for PLant lovers

You can discover a heap of small businesses to support through the Holiday Gift Guide For Plant Lovers catalogue. Shop for plant accessories pots, ceramics, concrete items, artwork and sustainable business products. It also has a list of instagrams to follow to continue your Crazy Plant Person journey. 

Holiday Gift Guide

Some of my favourites from the catalogue:
  1. Balshe Designs (Melbourne) 'Pulse' organiser
  2. Kind (Melbourne) Liberty of London face masks
  3. Lalleuca (Perth) pop art botanical prints

Enjoy the catalogue and see if you can find the mystery discount code! Browse here.


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