Spring Market next Sunday

Spring Market next Sunday

Only one week until the next Perth Upmarket!

This is a special design market that focuses on WA designed and/or made products. studio Nikulinsky proudly sells Australian made products. All cards, prints, bookmarks, notebooks and gift tags are printed in Perth - pens are handmade in Queensland - magnets are manufactured in Victoria! You can check out the full list of Upmarket retailers here (in good company, am I right?).

I'll be there from 10am with a heap of new designs (one of my new favourites can be seen below), special market prices and a big smile. I planned to do the spring market last year but my in-utero babe had a different idea. V is nearly 6 months old now, gasp! She will join me at the market every now and then (thanks to my very supportive husband) so I can give her a feed and a cuddle. I suffer from anxiety so having my bub drop by for a feed is really helpful to me - if I am occupied with that when you come by please be patient with us. The upside of this is even if you don't need to top up your card supply or grab a new notebook, you can come say hello and goo and gah at my very cute baby. 

On market day - Sunday 15 September - I will be very easy to find! Head to the University of Western Australia, find the the pond outside Winthrop Hall and look for the table with a big vase of native flora (provided by my talented florist friend Janie Saggers).

Do come and have a chat. I would especially love to talk with anyone who went to Philippa's recent exhibition, have a copy of Nikulinsky Naturally and about all things wildflower season, of course. 

Will I see you there?

Photo by Cheryl of The Maker's Portrait, from the last Upmarket I attended. 


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