Storytellers: The marvels of nature, shared.

Storytellers: The marvels of nature, shared.

Years ago I went to Curtin Uni and studied writing and history. One of the friends I made was a woman called Synne. She is from Norway, but she now lives in Sweden with her family.
Synne is a talented writer and business owner. Her passion is storytelling, and she helps other businesses to use the power of storytelling - she recently interviewed me on this topic and I'm really excited to share the article (complete with new portraits of me, ahh!) Hope you enjoy the article.
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Hello I’ve bought some beautiful mugs years ago done by Philippa when we lived in Melbourne and often wanted to buy more.
Are you doing Australian wildflowers on mugs, calendars, etc?
Where can they be purchased in Perth, Western Australia.
Regards Denielle Pooley.

Denielle Pooley

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