Hello artists and art lovers, introducing Swan Coastal Press

Hello artists and art lovers, introducing Swan Coastal Press

I’ve been designing greeting cards and gifts featuring the botanical and wildlife artwork of my mum-in-law, Philippa Nikulinsky, since 2017.

I love working with Philippa and making her art accessible through sustainable, thoughtfully designed, locally made products. From this relationship and business I have learned so much. One lesson that stands out is that artists are good at, and most interested in, making art. Faffing with online shops, product inventories, marketing and the rest - not really their thing.

So I founded Swan Coastal Press as a platform that supports & promotes excellent Australian artists.

Swan Coastal Press supports & promotes excellent Australian artists, through the design & sale of quality, eco-friendly, Australian made paper products.

Through SCP, I will licence artwork and pay a percentage from the sale of each product to the artist.

I am also open to working with artists who would prefer to buy their own product for an exhibition, event, market table or any other reason! I can facilitate the design and production of eco-friendly paper products and supply at an affordable price.

I'm really excited about what this new brand will bring - I'll still be running studio Nikulinsky but also somehow juggling Swan Coastal Press, too. 

Come along for the ride! Follow on Instagram / Facebook / View the website here.
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