Three very good reasons to visit Zanthorrea Nursery this weekend

Three very good reasons to visit Zanthorrea Nursery this weekend

I have many memories of visiting garden centres as a child with my mum and brother. They were wonderlands really, like visiting a wild garden except with a fence and a gift shop with lots of things we weren’t allowed to touch.

Last weekend delivered a bunch of greeting cards and 2021 calendars to Zanthorrea Nursery with my own kids and was reminded of just how lovely it is to visit, so I thought I would give you three very good reasons to drive out there this weekend.

1. Inspiring landscape design

Come for the plants and gifts, stay for the sculptures, frog pond and glorious garden. Zanthorrea’s garden designers have done an incredible job - wandering round the grounds is really inspiring (I would say it is calming but recall I am there with my kids…!).

Zanthorrea Bottlebrush Green Nikulinsky Frog Pond Zanthorrea Nursery

It’s one thing to read a book or even watch Gardening Australia for information, but actually seeing – for real life - what can be done with different spaces, and just how particular plants will fill up your garden is so valuable. The gardens at Zanthorrea makes me want to frantically dig up my grass verge and fill it with natives.

 rose mallee zanthorrea nursery birds zanthorrea nursery

2. It is (supervised) child friendly
There is a toilet tucked away down the back, a playground with lots of sand, a slide, huge tyres and even a comfy, swaying seat for tired parents (me). There's also chickens and birds to talk to nearby.
Zanthorrea Nursery child friendly garden shop playground zanthorrea nursery perth child friendly
The paths are wide for the plant trolleys but this also means people with wheels – prams, wheelchairs etc can manoeuvre around Zanthorrea easily. Win!
3. Plants and Plant Gifts
Naturally, Zanthorrea has all the plants, pots and plant-related gifts you could possibly want. I picked up a copy of the new Banksia book and was tempted by the big range of soaps and homewares on the well-stocked shelves.
Zanthorrea Nursery
I would have bought a car load of plants but the last seedlings I purchased died from neglect. Oops. Shame, I’ll have to visit Zanthorrea again soon.


Zanthorrea Nursery is located on 155 Watsonia Rd Maida Vale WA 6057 and open from 9am until 5.30pm. Have you been recently? Planning to go? Let me know!

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