Appreciation for our natural world goes hand in hand with eco-conscious production. 

studio Nikulinsky uses a Perth-based printer that has a high environmental standard. Cards are now transitioning to 100% recycled stock, while the inks remain vegetable based.

Wherever possible, plastic, tissue and cardboard from incoming packages are reused to pack studio Nikulinsky orders. Compostable packaging bags by Hero Packaging and cardboard mailing boxes form the basis for much of studio Nikulinsky parcels - we encourage recipients to reuse these materials. Biodegradable tape is used to seal boxes.

Many wholesale customers choose to order cards with cello sleeves in order to protect their products from handling damage, water and dust in their shopfronts. These sleeves are recyclable through the REDcycle Program. You can find your nearest REDcycle bin here.

Improvements are continually made to ensure studio Nikulinsky remains an eco-conscious business.