Jewellery Information

Care Instructions

Please treat your studio Nikulinsky jewellery with care. They are not fond of water or moist environments like swimming pools, mangrove swamps and bathrooms. They will likely chip and scratch if left at the bottom of a bag. Your toddler will definitely try to eat these, so please keep them out of reach from small hands.

Colour and Grain

The colours shown on your screen will probably look slightly different to the real-life colours of the jewellery. The colours of the original artwork have been preserved as much as possible through the printing process. As the jewellery is printed onto wood, the wood grain will vary from piece to piece, which adds an element of uniqueness to your new earrings.

Sustainable Packaging

Your new jewellery will be carefully packed with reused, recycled and compostable packaging materials. I encourage you to reuse these materials when you send your next parcel.