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Hi! My cards arrived and they are beautiful. The quality of the card is way better than i could have imagined. And the artwork is so detailed and the packaging ūüėć Thank you.


23 May 2019

Hello Angela, thank you very much for the cards. I collected the parcel from the post office and was mightily impressed by the lovely boxes and their beautiful contents. The small card showing the salty shrubs is gorgeous and much appreciated. Thank you very much for all your work and patience. Kind regards and best wishes for 2019.
11 January 2019

Hello Angela, Wow, the new packaging is impressive. Hand stamped and leafed stunning. Thank you so very much. Big smiles to you, Cassandra x

13 December 2018

Thank you Angela, order received. Lovely cards, perfectly packed. It will be a pleasure to use them. Cheers, Jane

27 November 2018 




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